THE CHALLENGE: Yale University's School of the Environment (YSE) wanted to produce a handbook and workbook about the "ROAM" approach to forest landscape restoration to compliment a course presented in partnership with their the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). These booklets needed to seamlessly incorporate IUCN's vague brand guidelines while also visually acknowledging ELTI's brand colors and spirit. Also required the creation of unique infographics diagramming complex forestry systems.
THE SOLUTION: A fresh page grid, typographic hierarchy, and palette system that complimented both YSE and IUCN brands. The 96-page Training Handbook included extensive indexes, a tabbed wayfinding system, stunning phot0-centric chapter openers, and a system of callout and activity boxes with icons to guide the user through the material. The 36-page Training Workbook build upon the structure of the Handbook, and included write-in diagrams and fields for users to reflect and interact with the content as they learned. Both books included unique infographics and charts to add additional interest and value.
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Covers for Training Handbook and Workbook

Training Handbook

Training Workbook

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