THE CHALLENGE: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona’s public health initiative, Mobilize AZ, contributed millions in funding to tackle Arizona’s most critical health issues: the opioid epidemic and rising use of substances, mental health conditions, and diabetes. The company wanted an annual report that did more than show results. How could the report combine data with story to communicate the power of this life-changing work? 
THE SOLUTION: The Mobilize AZ Annual Report focused around the theme of "Amplifying Impact." The accessible colorful linear icons of complex stats and systems impressed the reader, while the dramatic grayscale portraits and quotations spoke to the humanity and heart of the work they were doing. This report featured a fold-out cover in printed form, which immediately engaged readers. Published at the height of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, we also created the report in an online magazine format for easy remote distribution.
Scroll for a quick view or click on a graphic for a closer look.
This project was created in collaboration with Studio PKC.

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