THE CHALLENGE: The Westport Library needed some special materials as they embarked upon a big fundraising initiative to expand both their physical space and programming. Specifically, a reimagined Annual Report and brochure that communicated their new, vibrant spirit. 
THE SOLUTION: Dynamic colors, photos, and typography dominated the Annual Report which felt both playful and inspiring. The smaller-than-average-sized perfect bound book encouraged reader participation at every turn with two fold out cover flaps, die cuts, and a dramatic center gatefold. We utilized the visual element of the ellipses that were part of Westport Library's logo throughout and created several unique infographics to further engage the audience. The brochure built upon the Annual Report design, and included an imaginative non-literal map showing how all the services of the new building would work together.
AWARDS: Silver (The Westport Library Annual Report, 2015) from the Connecticut Art Director's Club
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Annual Report


These projects were created in collaboration with Alexander Isley Designers Inc.

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